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Here you will find a list of the upcoming workshops which are open to the public and students. To learn more click the links below. Additionall workshops will be added in the future. 
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Class 1: What is Herbology? Why are we studying it today? Some safe Herbs for beginners and 5 Herbal Books for beginners. Some basic teas.

Class 2: Review class 1. Introduce some backyard herbal remedies and plants dealing with the Flu, the lungs, common cold, mucus and other respiratory issues.

Class 3: Review class 1 and 2. Healing the Sekhem Shen Ra with herbs, herbal body.

Class 4: Review classes 1, 2, and 3. How to make your own portions, more advance herbal work, learn to identify local herbs growing in your yard, on the side of the street. and where to hunt for certain Herbs.


Questions and Answers

All workshops allow time for questions and answers relevant to what is being discussed during the workshop and upon conclusion.

Class Videos

All classes are recorded and posted to the website for viewing approximately within 24 hours of completion and can be viewed until the start of the Spring Semester in April of 2021. An email is sent when the video is available.

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