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Ways to Strive for and Maintain Ma'at
Truth - Justice - Order - Balance -
Harmony- Righteousness - Reciprocity



5 Reasons to Meditate

1. To connect with the ancestors

2. To reduce stress and anxiety

3. To enhance self-awareness

4. To increase your attention span

5. To promote overall good body health.

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Rituals are connected to Kulture. They are procedures that are repeated to get a desired result. 

Like burning incense - to cleanse the air, Lighting a candle - to create negative ions.

Taking your shoes off when you enter the house - to leave outside energy outside.

Pouring libation - to give honor to the ancestors

Positive affirmation - to send power words into the air and to program your own water energy.

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Harmonic sounds that aids in the thinking process of the mind like:

Soothing Music - To Relax & Meditate

Up Beat Music (like drum beats) - To charge and energize

R&B, Positive Hip-Hop, or Positive Rap Music - To Inspire

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