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Welcome to our info page for what's new and upcoming with Grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms and the Shrine of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu.  Here you will find out about some of our announcements, events, new & hot selling products available, and anything we'd like to share with our members, guests, and open public.


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  New Clothing desings.

Grandmaster Mfundishi has a wide variety of these outfit designs.  Check out our store page for more options. You may enjoy the ability to choose a  matching crown that goes with your outfit, to create your own Afrikan style ensemble.

Pure Egyptian Blue Lotus Oil

The long awaited shipment for the Pure Egyptian blue lotus oil has arrived. Don't hesitate to place your order, as this item goes fast! Click picture above to take you to our ordering page for this item. 

Pointed Crystals
Check out our latest inventory of Pointed style Crystals in our store.  We have them in Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, and Prehnite.
Leather & Silver Necklace
If you're looking for a unique item to accentuate your African style wardrobe, you might want to be the first to wear this beautifully designed necklace.  It is made of leather, with silver accents.
Turquoise & Sterling Silver Necklace
This beautiful, African - Tribal style necklace 
made of Turquoise crystals and Sterling Silver
is a one of our most priceless items.  We only have one on stock for the moment, as they are
very hard to get.
Tuareg Leather bags
These African style leather bags from Niger are very attractive, as an accessory and compliment  to your African garments.  We have them in Blue, Green, and Black. 
Brass & Copper Ankhs

Solid Ankh, hand-made of Brass and Copper. Copper is one of the most electrically conductive metals, which provides many healing benefits to the wearer, internally and externally. Zinc found in the Brass, will helps reduce exhaustion, insomnia & anxiety or panic attacks, and it will help you to cope with and solve sudden problems.  We have this item in Large, and Small sizes.


New Big Cuff Bracelets

Check out some of the new big bracelets that are now available in the store.  We have this particular style and designs in both Silver and also in

Copper.  It's a cuff style bracelet, with a crystal, and heavy tips at each end.

New Silver Bracelet with big tips
Check out our latest inventory of this  Silver Bracelet with the decorative heavy tips at each end.  A nice representation of class, in a slightly large size.  
Small Silver Cuff Bracelet
We also have a choice of similar style of 
Silver bracelet in a smaller size.  As different outfits for different occasion will be the case, you may choose to represent a  more conservative but classy look.
Copper Bracelet with Stone
Check out this Royal African cuff style Bracelet, made of Brass and decorated with with a Carnelian gem stone in the center.  This Bracelet is also available in Silver.
Copper Bracelet with Carnelian
Larger Copper cuff style bracelet with Carnelian gem stone in the center. Another one of our African warrior styled accessory to adorn your wardrobe with your African culture.
Cowrie Shell cuff Bracelets

These Bracelet are made of genuine cowrie shells, which are symbolic of good luck, wealth, fortune and fertility in Africa. The Gye Nyame symbol means “the supremacy of God” from the Ghana;  and the Ankh is a Kemety symbol that represents life.

Full finger Copper Ring
This uniquely designed unisex ring is made of Copper. This ring is surrounded with etched designs. This high fashion ring is very stylish and comfortable to wear. This high fashion ring is stylish and comfortable to wear. Made by the Tuareg in Niger. Made by the Tuareg in Niger.  We have Size 10 available.

Survival Warrior's Retreat

Grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms also has an upcoming retreat, here in the U.S.  This will be a fun, spiritual, adventurous and exciting event that you would want to add to your checklist.  Participants will get to experience, learn and be knowledgeable in various survival techniques that will be of great value in life - and have a great time! 

Trips for 2023

What's Happening this Month?
Where is Seba Mfundishi Jhutyms?



High Priest scientist, grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms will be hosting our Seasonal Ceremony & Celebration in welcoming the Summer Solstice at the Tekhen, located in Central Park, New York.  The Shrine family welcomes all those who would like to join us for this day of enlightenment, sharing, community bonding, cultural & spiritual experience.  Please click on the picture to take you to our RSVP page. 

Dwa Ntchr.

Stay tuned for more updates

This page will be updated upon the creation of new events, products, and announcements generated by Grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms and the Shrine of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu.

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