Opening the Door to Ancient Kemet

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6-9 month course Prerequisite: Advanced Mdw Ntchr; Kemetic Initiation.

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A Kemety spiritual analysis of the: - Mer Khut Sabeyat (The Pyramid Text) - Khrust Sabeyat (The Coffin Text) - Pert em Heru: The Book of Coming Forth By Day (The Egyptian Book of the Dead) Must have a degree of mastery of the 5 Domains: Minerals. The universe is made up of minerals. The stars are minerals, the planets are minerals and we are made up of those same minerals. Plants. The plant domain feeds off the mineral domain and it is the vegetation, the fuel and healing remedies (herbs) of the whole planet. Animals. All animals were here on the planet earth before all humans. They are here to teach us how to survive in each earthly terrain. Examples: Desert, Sahill, Savanna, Forest. Humans. We are an extension of the animal domain to act Ntchr like; to think outside of the box. Spirits. Permeates and exists in all the domains and is your connection to the one all existing Ntchr.

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