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I am an Eternal Student of Mdw Ntr and the Hapi Valley Culture. My spell of cultural amnesia was punctured 30 years ago by a book my bandmate at a gig hipped me to. This book was called "The Isis Papers," by Frances Cress Welsing. I was 31 years of age at that time. I was still relatively clueless as to how much more de-programming I still needed to undergo. Slowly but surely, the right teachers emerged at the right time at chronological stages in my Sankofa journey. I am now in my sixties and thrilled to still be on this Journey. This cultural journey is like a new toy I could never get tired of. It's like a great book I could never stop reading. I am honored to be part of the shared cultural journey of this group. Ankh Wdja Snb Neb . . .

Kwame Coston