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Ee e m hotep Kemety family, ankh udja seneb neb.

My name is Wadjety N Ma'at, a student of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu since the kemety year 6254 S.T. (2013), learning and studying the Mdw Ntchr. I have completed my classes and requirements as an initiate, and I'm currently learning & sharing in the priesthood platform with my fellow initiates and elders, under our grandmaster teacher and High priest Scientist, Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka N Heru. I also have a background in kombat training, a black belt in kung-fu with experiences in and outside the ring; and now I am currently teaching while learning the Ta-merryan art of Kombat called Kupigana Ngumi and Ma'at Akhu Ba Ankh (under the

guidance of my Jegna, Mfundishi Jhutyms).

Also, as an advanced student with teaching experience in our Shrine, I am also positoned to assist our grandmaster teacher in teaching the Mdw Ntchr, level 1, and remedial classes as needed [between semesters].

I'm honored and excited to share the energy and information passed on to me by our grandmaster teacher, as I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

Shem e m hotep. Aha tu.

Wadjety N Ma'at Imhotep BaKa Amun



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