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E em hotep

I AM...

*Mother of two Heru Manifested Afrakan Melanated young men 28 & 13 years on this Earth together *

*Creator of HandMade Holistic Products & Wellness Services at - IG @neferatum

*Author of 4 Poetry Books & Several Activist Music Projects

*Devoted studyer and practitioner of Kemetic Science (since 1999) & the Similarities of Religions (since teenage years)

*Intuitive Healer specializing in Children with Special Needs

*K-12 Substitute Teacher for Children with Special Needs

*Shadow Work Healing Specialist & Mentor

*Holistic Detox Specialist

*Community/Family Gardening & Harvest Advocate

*Founder & Creator of Children's Workshops at "Children of DiVine"

*Queen Afua Sacred Woman Practitioner

*Queen Afua Emerald Green Practitioner

*RaSekhi Arts Temple - Kemetic Reiki Practitioner

*Bachelor of Science in Psychology w/Christian Counseling

*Double Masters in Health Education & Social Services/Executive Leadership (16 credits remaining)

*DiVine LOVER OF LIGHT * Multiversal Traveler * Lover of MAAT * Lover of SELF & All MY DiVine RAflections

Ankh Udja Snb nb

Shem em Hotep

Dwa Ntr

AKiyaH KhepRa Rnnt DiVine Freedom
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