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Choose from 2 different Mer Khuts (Pyramids).  These are a good size to keep on a desk or throught the home, care, or workplace. A Mer Khut is a sacred structure with a four sided base rising to one point, used as a time capsule (tomb), temble, observatory, Initiation Hall, etc. Also known as the "Great Mounds" in Kemet. 


Shungite is a powerful healing stone that detoxifies your body by absorbing and eliminating any negative or health-hazardous energies. A Shungite Stone can be used for EMF protection, purification of the body, general healing, & well-being.


Measurements: Plain- 2" High  Tripple Decker - 1.7" High

Tumbled Shungite Mer Khuts (Pyramids)

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