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Mfundishi Jhutyms Designs Clothing Line features various types of mudcloth from West Afraka. These designs are inspired by the culture of both East and West Afraka. 


Black and White

Authentic Mudcloth

Folded Brim

Smooth Lining


*Each hat is uniquely designed to be interchangeable.



·   Matching tops and outfits can be purchased separately online or by special order.

·   All designs can be custom ordered by sending an email.


Message from Grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms: “Feel inspired to be proud of your culture. Your culture is your medicine. How you live survive and flourish is based upon your environment. Environment influences culture and the objective of culture is to sustain you and to help you rise to the highest version of yourself.”


About Mudcloth:

Mudcloth is a beautiful and durable fabric that comes in distinctive and different colors and designs. When blended with a hand-spun hand-woven fabric, it produces a vivid and classy textile. Each piece of mud cloth has a narrative to tell! The symbols, the layout, color, and shape, all divulge distinct secrets.


Mudcloth is made of cotton strips woven and stitched together to form a larger cloth. The cloth is decorated with mud from the seasonal rivers in Mali. Rough cotton cloth is soaked in leaves that have a natural softening agent called tannin. The clay is applied in bands, diamonds, and other geometric shapes, the clay reacts with the tannin and a dark brown design is left on the fabric. The background of the fabric is then bleached white or cream to improve the contrast of the design. The magnificence of the fabric has prompted the formation of various designs some that are simple and some more intricate. 

Mfundishi Jhutyms Designs (Crown Style B)

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