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This uniquely designed unisex bracelet is made of Copper. This high fashion bracelet is surrounded with etched designs.  The Ankh is a symbol that represents life, union of male and female principles, which perpetuate life. In Kemet (Ancient Egypt) the Ankh was incorporated in everyday life along with the 7-governing principle of Ma’at which are balance, truth, order, righteousness, justice, harmony and reciprocity. Some of the top healing and metaphysical benefits of wearing copper are:


1 - Natural Antimicrobial and Antibacterial, it has an inherent ability to kill harmful microbes very quickly, studies have shown that it is often within 2 hours or less.


2 - It's an essential mineral required for metabolic function. It's known to help reduce inflammation, arthritis, headaches and improve digestion. 


3 - Amplifies energy, it can be used to strengthen the energy of your thoughts and stones as well as help with channeling and multidimensional communication.


4 - Creates balance in the body. Metaphysically, it is known to assist in balancing the chakras and meridians.


Metals: Copper  Large - 6  inches long and 2 inches wide


Copper Ankh Bracelet

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