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Kupigana Ngumi
Kemetik Shrine of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu

Kupigana Ngumi is the essence of Martial Arts from the Global Afrakan experience. It is expressed through the body, mind and spirit disciplines preserved within Afrakan Art, Dance, Music, Religion, Spirituality and Kulture.

$60/M for Students | $75 for Non Students


Kupigana Ngumi is the synthesis of the Afrakan Spiritual Warrior experience. It imparts a view, which recognizes the inherent capacity of martial science to impart life-kultivating benefits, as well as defensive and offensive capabilities. Kupigana Ngumi reveals the power to serve the needs of Afrakan people and strengthen their capacities towards human refinement. The essence of the Kemet Aha system of Kupigana Ngumi is to train the mind, body and soul towards becoming a Spiritual Warrior.

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Wadjety N Ma'at Imhotep Ba Ka Amun

Grandmaster Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka N Heru


Shen Shu Kheper Aa Seneb

Great Grand Master Kemetic Priest Scientist

"Kaka" level (Assistant Teacher)

"Kaka" level (Assistant Teachers)


MnNfr Ma'at Ba N Het Heru
Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor

Pose: Immortality

MnNfr Ma'at Ba N Het Heru
Certified Kemety Yoga Instructor
Pose: Semi Tawi

    Ma'atAkhuBa ​Ankh
Learn to CultivateYour Sekhem Shen RaAnd be Empowered! 

Kupigana Ngumi Training Punching and Blocking Techniques

The Words:

*Kupigana – Method of combat *Ngumi- Fist, arm or hand. *Kupigana Ngumi-Method of combat utilizing the fist, arm, hand or any part of the anatomy or weapon of extension. *Mpigani-Practitioner of Kupigana Ngumi.


The word Kupigana Ngumi is an adopted term for the collective fighting arts of the entire Afrakan Continent. Kupigan Ngumi literally means “way of fighting with the fist.” Every Nation of people in Afraka has its own language and word for warrior and warfare. Kupigana Ngumi is from the Kiswhaili language. It is a non-tribal trade language used in many countries in East Afraka. The term was first used by Shah Mfundishi Maasi, a warrior and martial artist of the Royal Guard of King Nana Kablam I, and Ngana Mfundishi Tolo-Naa, a warrior and traditional healer. When they collaborated in the early 1970’s they used the term Kupigana Ngumi to form the Pan-Afrakan Kupigan Ngumi Federation.


The phase of Heru sharpening mkono: basic hand movements from all 7 animals of The Aha Kemet Wantama Saba System of the Kera of Jehuty Heru Neb-Hu form of Kupigana Ngumi.

Hours of Operation

When: Sat & Sun,  9am-12pm. 

All Year round

Price: Students $60 monthly

Non-students $75 monthly

(One time class sessions $15)

Ma'at Akhu Ba Ankh


Kupigana Ngumi


Location: The Genesis Museum of International Black Culture

504 W 126th St, #1A, New York, NY, 10027

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