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Herbology Workshops

This class is a vitual class taught via Zoom and is open to members, students and the public. Mut Nfr Ka Raa teaches about the Science and Metaphysics of herbs and how these plants can be integrated in your life to facility healing and to support a strong immune system. The focus is on herbalism and holistic approaches to wellness and vitality supported by herbs. 

Overview of Herbology Class with Mut Nfr KaRaa

1. Session 1: Metaphysics of energy – foundation of life in all spheres of existence. Will discuss how we are all interconnected through the frequency/rhythm of all living entities. (i.e., impact different types of music have on your thoughts and emotions) Within your being each organ, system, meridian, etc. has a frequency in harmony with each other as well as external entities such as crystals, plants and animal kingdom. Use of

pendulums and kinesiology when choosing correct remedies for yourself and others. Integration of mind – body - spirit

2. Session2: Getting acquainted with the plant kingdom – are they weeds or medicinal? Apps and other resources to assist with identifying a diversity of plant life on your own nature walk. Observe the sacred geometry of the various plant forms and their parallels to the parts of the human body (i.e., what aspects

of the human body comes to mind when you look at various trees? What correlation does resins have? The color and texture of plants? Did you know that the anecdote of poisonous plants grows near them in the wild?) Get acquainted with your own backyard or nearby state park rather than the urban versions that are basically tar pits. Become aware the correlation between what is growing around you and what it is

saying about the nature of the earth it is growing from. Plants from the sea count also – sea moss, seaweeds, fermented foods. What’s in your water and the proper way to ingest it.

3. Session3: Essential oils and Bach flower remedies – not all oils are curated equally and not all oils that sound alike, are. The energy connection with Bach flower remedies.

4. Session4: Practical applications – not just tea bags ( plus the dirty little secrets about tea bags), basic uses for personal hygiene, salves, natural remedies, condiments, etc.


Questions and Answers

All workshops allow time for questions and answers relevant to what is being discussed during the workshop and upon conclusion.


Class Videos & Documents

All classes are recorded and posted to the website for viewing approximately within 24 hours of completion along with the supporting documents and can be viewed until the start of the Spring Semester in April of 2021. An email is sent when the video is available.

Access Class Videos Here:


If you are an Heru (Intermediate) or a Jhuty (Advanced) Mdw Ntchr or paid for one or all of the following workshops you can access the class videos below. Remember you need to log in to get access. Videos will be posted within 24 hours of completion of the workshop.

Vegetables and Herbs
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