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Trip to Kemet. All inclusive: $3,999.
Trip to Kemet. All inclusive: $3,999.

Mon, Apr 03



Trip to Kemet. All inclusive: $3,999.

An all-inclusive tours the Pyramid, Temples, Museums, and several Cites along the Mystical Hapi (Nile) River.

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Time & Location

Apr 03, 7:00 PM – Apr 15, 7:00 PM



About the Event

Day 01- 03rd April 2023 Cairo  II Arrival at Cairo international Airport II

• Welcome to Egypt! Arrival at Cairo international Airport, our Representative will be there holding a sign with your name to meet and assist you through the Airport formalities.

• Transfer you in our Private A/C Coach to check in your hotel.

• By  Night  meet our representative at  the Hotel  Lobby  to  transfer  you to  enjoy you  Dinner Nile Cruise  with oriental  Shows and

• Overnight at your hotel in Cairo

Meals : Welcome Dinner

Day 02- 04th April 2023  Giza II full day at Giza II

• Breakfast at your Hotel.

• Full day tour to Giza Pyramids starts by visiting the 3Great Pyramids (Cheops, Chefren and Macarinos) from outside.

• Visit the Panorama to see the 3 Pyramids from far and take pictures.

• Visit the Great Sphinx which has kept its secrets for centuries.

• Visit The Valley Temple.

• Visit Saqqara & Memphis Pyramids.

• Transfer to your Hotel and overnight.

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day 03 -05th April 2022 Cairo II Dahshur Tour II

• Breakfast at your Hotel.

• Today start  your  tour  with a trip to the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid of Dashsur. Dahshur is an ancient royal necropolis located roughly 40 kilometer (25 miles) from Cairo. Located in the desert on the west bank of the Nile River, the necropolis is home to some of Egypt’s best preserved pyramids, the Dahshur Pyramids.

• The Bent Pyramid was built during the reign of pharaoh Sneferu and it clearly indicates a transition away from the traditional “step” pyramid design.

• The Red Pyramid was the first “true” smooth-sided pyramid ever built. Like the Bent Pyramid, the Red Pyramid was also built during the reign of pharaoh Sneferu.

• Transfer back to your hotel & Overnight

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  04 - 06th April  Aswan II  Nubian Village Tour II

• Early  Breakfast  at  Your  Hotel  then  our  representative will transfer  you to  Cairo  Airport to  fly  to  Aswan

• Arrive Aswan and  enjoy  your  visit  to Nubian Village Nubian Village that is located on West Bank of the River Nile in Aswan and just opposite to Soheil Island, this fantastic tour to the Nubian Village lets you meet and impact with a Nubian family and to learn about their simple lifestyle, culture and traditions

• Then you  have the opportunity to Visit  Nubian Muesuem

• Finally  transfer  you  To check  at  your  Hotel

• After relax  you will meet  your  guide to have Felucca Ride to  Phieala Temple .

• Transfer  back to  your  Hotel  and Overnight .

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  05 - 07th April 2023 Aswan II Abu Simble -Nile Cruise II

• Breakfast at  Your  Hotel  then  meet  your guide  to  transfer  to  Aswan Airport to  fly to  Abu Simble

• Upon arrival Abu Simbel at, you will visit The Great Temple Hewn in rock with the four colossal seated statues of the king in front of the entrance.

• Transfer  ypu  back  To  aswan Via Flight then and  tranefer  you  to  embark on  board  of  your  Cruise  to  relax on  board  of  Cruise for 03 Nights

• Check  in  on  board  of  cruise  and  relax

• Then  enjoy  your  dinner  on  board  and  overnight

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  06 - 08th April 2023  II Sailing -Nile Cruise II

• Breakfast on Board of your Cruise.

• Visit  to The Falcon God Horus Edfu Temple.

• Visit  to Kom Ombo Temple of the Crocodile God Sobek.

• Lunch and Dinner on board of your Nile Cruise.

• By  Night  you  will enjoy  the Galabia Party  on  board  of  your  Nile Cruise

• Overnight  in  Aswan  on  board  of Cruise

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  07 – 09th April 2023 Luxor II EAST BANK -Nile Cruise II

• Breakfast  on board  of  Nile  Cruise , Then starts your Tour to The East Bank :

• Visit Luxor Temple originally joined to Karnak by an avenue of Sphinxes.

• Visit Karnak Temple which covers a huge area and includes several temples, the largest being The Temple of Amon.

• Lunch on  Board of  your  Nile Cruise

• Enjoy  the Nile Cruise and Overnight

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  08 – 10th April 2023 Luxor II WEST BANK -Nile Cruise II

• Breakfast  on board  of  Nile  Cruise  and  Disemarkation , Then starts your Tour to West Bank :

• Then  start  your  Tour  to  WEST  bank

• Visit The Valley of the Kings.

• Visit The Valley of Queens , the tomb of Queen Nefertari, which can be found in the Valley of the Queens on the west bank of Luxor, is one of Egypt’s most beautiful tombs.

• Visit The Temple of Hatshepsut and he Colossi of Memnon.

• Transfer  you to  your  hotel  then  enjoy  your  dinner  and overnight

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  09 – 11th April 2023 Luxor II Dendara  & Abydos II

• After  breakfast at your  hotel meet our  guide  to visit the memorial temple of king Seti I at Abydos, which was built by Seti I and his son Ramses II for the God Osiris of the afterlife and resurrection. Abydos Temple is one of the most impressive religious structures in Egypt.

• The fine art reliefs incorporate the Abydos Kings list (showing the cartouche contains the names of the pharaohs of Egypt from the first dynasty to the 19th dynasty), There are seven chapels of Horus, Isis, Osiris, Amon Re, Ptah, Seti I, and Re-Horakhty. At the back of the temple, discover the enigmatic structure known as the Osireion, thought to be the tomb of the god Osiris.

• Then  Move to  Visit  Dendara , The ceiling of the Dendera Temple has recently been cleaned, in a careful way that removed hundreds of years of black soot, without harming the ancient paint underneath. As a result the spectacular ceiling painting has been exposed in the main hall of Hathor temple…

• Then  transfer  you  back  To  Your  Hotel  In  Luxor

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  10 – 12th April 2023    II Hurghada II

• Breakfast at  your  hotel and  check  out

• Meet Our  Representative and guide to  transfer  you  to  Hurghada  with  Private A/C Bus for almost  02 Hours Driving .

• Arrive Hurghada and start  your relax at RED Sea City at  your  resort in  Hurghada and overnight

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  11 – 13th April 2023 II Hurghada II

FREE DAY at Hurghada  upon  your leisure .

Optional Excursions :

Scuba Diving  - Snorkeling  - Diving – Safari – Bowdoin Dinner –

Discover the bottom of the Red Sea

Seeing the Bedouin village

See sun set and sitting with Bedouin and enjoy by them food and life

Round by horse in middle of The Desert

camel trip + visit the Bedouin

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  12 – 14th  April 2023 II Hurghada II

• Breakfast at your Hotel and  Check  out .

• Transfer  you to Hurghada Airport  to  fly  back to  Cairo

• Arrive  Cairo Airport  and on your way you will enjoy your Lunch at one of our Local Resturants

• Then  transfer  you  to  relax  at  your  hotel  .

• Then  meet  our  representative and  driver  to  transfer  you  to  enjoy  your  dinner  on board  of  Nile cruise with  Oriental shows and  belly dance

• Transfer back to your Hotel  and overnight.

Meals : Breakfast – lunch – Dinner

Day  13 – 15th April 2023 II Cairo Airport Final Departure II

• Breakfast  at  your  Hotel , and  check  out .

• transfer  you  to Cairo Airport for final departure with your wonderful memories .

Meals : Breakfast

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