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Who is Mfundishi Jhutyms?
  • Great Grand Master Kemetic Priest Scientist

  • Afrakan Village Chief

  • Spiritual Warrior & Holistic Healer

  • Afrakologist Educator & Author

  • Ourstorian for the Development, Maintenance, Liberation and Independence of Afrakan People


Mfundishi Jhutyms Ka n Heru Hassan Kamau El-Salim (aka Mfundishi Jhutyms), Great Grand Master Kemetic Priest Scientist & Afrakan Village Chief, is a highly sought after consultant in areas of holistic wellness, Afrakan heritage and languages, education, international cultural immersion programs, and entrepreneurship. As a world-class Afrakologist Educator, author and lecturer, he speaks in the Americas, the Caribbean, Afraka and Europe. He is the Founder & President of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu Kush Kemet, an unincorporated educational and cultural organization within their family-owned business called Black Gold Sacred Kultural Healing Center. This Spiritual Warrior is an Ourstorian for the Development, Maintenance, Liberation and Independence of Afrakan People.

Who Is Mdw Ntchr For?


Mdw Ntchcr is the Ancient Kemetik language of the Nile Valley that explains nature, our ancestors and our culture. As in other languages, the Mdw Ntchr requires the use of our eyes, ears, tongue, throat and brain; but unlike most other languages-with the excpetion of American Sign Language-Mdw Ntchr being truly holographic in its essence, also requires the use of both the left and right hemispheres of our brain. 

With Mdw Ntchr, kinetic energy through holographic hand-to-eye/eye-to mind coordination causes us to resonate with the superior social, psychological and spiritual consciousness of our Kemetian ancestors. We also directly communicate through the "Mind of God" as images are created by thought patterns through which ALL things are defined.

5 Domains

In order to innerstand the Mdw Ntchr at its highest level you must have a degree of innerstanding of the 5 Domains.

Minerals. The universe is made up of minerals. The stars are minerals, the planet are minerals and we are made up of those same minerals.

Plants. The plant domain feeds off the mineral domain and it is the vegetation, the fuel and healing remedies (herbs) of the whole planet.

Animals. All animals were here on the planet earth before all humans. They are here to teach us how to survive in each earthly terrain. Examples: Desert, Sahill, Savanna, Forest.

Humans. We are an extension of the animal domain to act Ntchr like; to think outside of the box.

Spirits. Permeates and exist in all the domains and is your connection to the one all existing Ntchr.

Language is more than a simple component of culture. It encompasses and incorporates the entire spectrum of culture, which is why it is so important for people to know their own language as a connection to their ancestry, and to a sense of self identity.


Ma'at Membership

(Beginner I & II Mdw Ntchr and Remedial)

This is where your journey begins. Righteousness, harmony, balance, justice.


Heru Membership

(Intermediate I &II Mdw Ntchr)

Once you know how to live according to Ma'at, you take the journey of a king.

Jhuty Homepage Pic .jpeg

Jhuty Membership

(Advanced I, II, & III Mdw Ntchr)


Perfect articulation of thought, speech and action is the result of this journey.


Master Class I

(Symptomatic Method)


History, Kulture, the Ntchru and the 5 Domains


Master Class II

(Symptomatic Method)


Applying your knowledge of your Culture as your medicine.

All classes take place online, contact our staff for more info.





Mfundishi specializes in serving a variety of personal and business needs such as the Spiritual and LIfe's Mission Consultation 


Mfundishi Speaks

You will have to the opportunity to listen and see Mfundishi speak about past and current events surrounding Afrakan Spirituality, Afrakan History, Pan Afrakanism, Operational Unity, Ancient Kemet, the Ghana Project and much more. You will also have the chance to interact and speak to the Grandmaster. 

Kupigana Ngumi

Kupigana Ngumi is the synthesis of the Afrakan Spiritual Warrior experience. It imparts a view, which recognizes the inherent capacity of martial science to impart life-kultivating benefits, as well as defensive and offensive capabilities. Kupigana Ngumi reveals the power to serve the needs of Afrakan people and strengthen their capacities towards human refinement. The essence of the Kemet Aha system of Kupigana Ngumi is to train the mind, body and soul towards becoming a Spiritual Warrior.

Kemet Fund Ghana Initiative
Grandmaster Mfundihsi Jhutyms and the Shrineof Jhuty Heru Neb Hu is creating a spiritual holistic village based on the best of ancient Kemet in the modern world of today, practicing Pan-Afrakanism from a symptomatic approach.

Crystals & Stones


Raise your vibration, clear your energy field and protect your energy with crystals and gemstones. 

Mdw Ntchr Flash Cards

MDW-Ntchr-flash cards.jpg

These flash cards of the Kemety (Egyptian) alphabet were created to guide those of all ages seeking to learn the language of our ancestors.

Books & Resources

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To purchase books, resources and other media please visit our store.